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Tanzania based Wedding photographer | Destination wedding photographer

ZAP stands as the leading Wedding Photography Studio in Tanzania and Dar es Salaam City. Our approach to capturing weddings blends traditional and candid styles, drawing inspiration from fine-art and fashion photography. The outcome is a fusion of imaginative and polished wedding artistry that exudes romance, joy, and heartfelt emotions. We take pride in being more than mere photographers; we are artists dedicated to crafting distinctive and evocative imagery.

Should you have any inquiries about ZAP Photography Studios, we are always available to assist you. And if you happen to be in the Dar es Salaam vicinity, please don't hesitate to drop by and say "Hello!"

COUPLES Photography

Our style of photography involves creating crisp, clean and vibrant imagery. preserving the color and detail our scenes using combination of lighting techniques and post production styles.

Wedding preparation

There are so many beautiful moments prior to a wedding, from the anticipation during preparation for the bride and her closest friends, to all of the crazy antics of the groom and his groomsmen

Wedding Ceremony

With digital wedding photos, your memories are preserved forever. Creating images that are timeless and classic is another aspect of our style

Sneak out

We love to sneak our couples out during the reception for a few night shots. whether the background is a starry night or moody architectural element, these romantic photos bring a sense of closure to the entire day.

wedding reception

During weddings, we're always looking for laughs, hugs, and crazy moments.

Details and venue

We know how much planning and preparation goes into each wedding and we're here to make sure we capture all of the details










Over the years, we have developed a particular expertise in Indian Weddings, as well as other South Asian Weddings. Our photography style exudes vibrancy, perfectly capturing the essence of these joyous occasions. With our deep understanding of the ceremonies and cultural nuances, we have emerged as the preferred photographers for upscale Indian Weddings in Tanzania and Kenya.

With our extensive experience, our team has been privileged to document the stories of numerous Indian weddings, encompassing diverse religions and regions. From Hindu to Sikh, Muslim to Punjabi, Gujarati, and beyond, we have a deep understanding of the unique traditions and customs associated with each. This specialized knowledge enables us to capture every exquisite moment of Indian weddings, ensuring that no special moment goes unnoticed.


ZAP Photography Studio: Capturing Your Dream Destination

Though our home base is in Dar es Salaam, destination wedding photography is an integral part of our studio's success. We firmly believe in providing ZAP's signature quality photography, ensuring our clients never have to compromise on their wedding photos.

Tropical locations such as Zanzibar have been particularly sought after for destination weddings, allowing us to showcase our vibrant and bold style that beautifully captures the essence of the scenery, skies, and beaches. Additionally, we have had the privilege of photographing weddings in enchanting places like Delhi, Lucknow, and Nairobi, where we focus on the breathtaking architectural backdrops.

What's in store for you? Prepare to be immersed in high-fashion photography, complemented by a compelling narrative woven through the art of photojournalism, including reportage-style shots. From capturing the bride's preparations and exquisite details like wedding invitations to documenting every aspect of the wedding ceremony, including engagement photography, we leave no moment untouched. Whether you prefer a high-fashion modern or vintage style or desire stunning portrait-style photographs, we have you covered. Our wedding photography packages are designed to be affordable, allowing us to work within your budget without compromising on quality.

At ZAP Photography Studio, we are committed to transforming your destination wedding into an unforgettable visual masterpiece.

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